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Beeswax/Soy Blend
Ear Candles
55/45 blend
USA made cotton/muslin fabric
9 Inch long barrel
1/2 inch diameter
8-10 Minute Burn Time

Adding Soy to Beeswax ear candles
significantly reduces the debris left
inside the candle after the ear candling
session.  Soy and beeswax are
renewable sources and eco-friendly!  
Soy Ear Candles provide more heat
in the ear canal to aid in relaxation
and softening impacted ear wax.  
Ear Candles do not "suck" wax from
your ear. Soy wax leaves far less
residue inside the candle than traditional
paraffin, thus the candles clog less,
allowing more warmth
and cleaner smoke to enter
the ear canal to aid in
softening ear
pain and excess wax
in the ear.  

With our beeswax soy wax blend, you get
a true result in your candling session
because there is virtually no residue
from the candle!  Both soy and beeswax
are renewable sources
for wax and burn completely.  
100% Beeswax
Ear Candles
100% Beeswax
USA made cotton/muslin fabric
9 inch long barrel
1/2 inch diameter
10-15 minute burn time

Each Beeswax Ear Candle is fashioned
with a quality cotton fabric; natural and
unprocessed, then soaked in a totally
organic blend of dark and light 100%
beeswax.  It is wrapped to form a tube
with a narrow end.
We use pure natural beeswax with no
additional additives.

Beeswax is a 100% natural fuel
created by bees;

- burns cleaner than any other,
- burns longer than others and does not
- emits a bright light that has the same
light spectrum as the sun,
- emits negative ions that actually clean
the air and
invigorate the body,
- are naturally scented by the honey and
nectar of flowers packed into the
honeycomb within the beehive.
- comes from a renewable resource.

The nature of natural beeswax and cotton
leaves a somewhat unrefined
look to the finished product.  Some people
call it "scruffy".  We don't add
enhancers, vybar, paraffin, or any
chemicals to polish the candle like other
companies do.  You use the finished
product just as we do--in it's purest state.
Premium Paraffin Ear
11 inches long  
1/2 inch in diameter (size of a dime)
Premium Food Grade Paraffin
100% Unbleached Cotton Fabric
Burn time is 10-15 minutes
Tips can be cut to fit any size ear!

Each ear candle is crafted using a
premium food grade paraffin.  
It is wrapped to form a tube with
a narrow end.

Although Paraffin clogs the tip of the ear
candle more than Beeswax or Soy, it does
create more warmth at the tip of the
candle to soothe the ear.  Ear candles
do not suck wax out of your ears, but the
benefits of soothing relief and
calmness help the body help itself.
Just ask our customers!

We don't add enhancers, vybar, or any
additional chemicals to polish the candle
like other companies do.  You use the
finished product just as we do--in it's
purest state.

Some customers like a longer candle and
the polished look that paraffin leaves.  
The burn time is up to 15 minutes with
paraffin ear candles.

Whether ear candling benefits are
scientifically proven or not, most all
who have had their ears candled agree
that candling is soothing and relaxing.  
It leaves you clear and balanced.
assumes full responsibility and does not hold the seller liable for any claims, obligations, injury, expense or damage resulting from the use of this product.  The FDA has no authority
to evaluate this product for safety or effectiveness since an ear candle is not a medical device.  Do not use ear candles as a substitute for professional treatment.
Guarantee and Return Policy:
We back our products 100%.  If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with any product we sell, you may return it for a full refund, excluding the cost of
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We do not refund products damaged during return shipment, so please take care when packaging and returning them.  If you have damaged or missing
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