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Commitment to Quality and Family

I began the ear candle journey in the early 90's. Learned how to ear candle when I was a Natural Health Consultant and LMT in Texas. There was a great deal of difficulty finding ear candles locally so I learned how to make Paraffin ear candles from the Amish, who's community was near my neighborhood. During the 90's, ear candling was on the rise as an alternative therapy. Unfortunately a LOT of misinformation was being given to consumers.

I started making ear candles for my family and clients and soon after, ear candle orders overshadowed my consultant business so I retired and went full time making them. The first few years I made them from paraffin, because that was how I was taught. I didn't like the way paraffin clogged the ear candle and also how "drippy" the paraffin candles seemed. The length of the candle caused them to collapse on themselves so I experimented with wrapping them shorter.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and so I proceeded to experiment with other waxes to improve not only the clogging issues but to cut the costs. Since I'm a "tree hugger", renewable source waxes were an important issue.

Over the years I made some alterations to the original design the Amish taught me and after trial and error, a cost effective and quality ear candle was created in 1997 using a proprietary bend of different soy waxes and different grades of beeswax. While I prefer the SOYBEE blend I still have customers who want 100% beeswax and also, to my dismay, Paraffin, so I make and offer those for sale as well.

I was also determined to correct the image of ear candles "sucking wax out of your ears" and other misinformation through online education and sales. Since the ONLINE introduction of the Soy ear candle in 2000, Wally's, Harmony Cone, AJsCandles and several other companies have produced their own versions. They are the copycats NOT the original.

The best part of this business has been helping families in our rural community support themselves by teaching them the art and paying them to make candles when demand exceeds supply. It's been a very gratifying opportunity to know that quality products are still made at home and shared with you, our customers.

You can buy with confidence and the knowledge that small business is the backbone of America. Thank you for taking time to read.

Why Alternative Therapies?

Each year Americans spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on medical treatments that can be done at home with the same results and a lot less stress.  Ear Candling has been around for a very long time and is used worldwide as a way to help the body jumpstart what it was designed to do -- remove excess wax and debris from the ear.  

Alternative therapies, like ear candling, allow you to be in control of your health and wellness.  Wholesale pricing for ear candles keep them affordable which also helps cut down on stress.  

Each organic ingredient in our ear candles lowers the carbon footprint and we are very proud to say our ear candles are 100% made in the USA!  You can buy with confidence knowing that America comes First and our "family" of artisans respect the responsible use of alternative therapies by providing quality ear candles and supplies to you, our favorite customer!