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harm, unexpected reaction or complication that might occur during or after the administration of ear candling.  The user assumes full
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product.  The FDA has no authority to evaluate this product for safety or effectiveness since an ear candle is not a medical device.  Do not
use ear candles as a substitute for professional treatment.
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candles.  Refunds will be issued as long as you return the unused product within 7 days of the date you received
it.  We do not refund products damaged during return shipment, so please take care when packaging and returning
them.  If you have damaged or missing products, please email us immediately (within the 7 day period) of damaged
or missing items. .  We will replace and ship damaged items within 2 business days of
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office is less expensive and more careful than UPS or FedX (which savings we pass on to you!).   1st Class
Standard Shipping does not provide tracking numbers and we are not responsible for lost packages shipped via
Standard 1st Class Mail.

INTERNATIONAL Processing & Shipping:
Due to varied restrictions for imports in each country,it is the customer's responsibility to check with local postal
authorities and determine if ear candles can be imported to their country.  EarCandles.US is not responsible for lost
shipments, tariff fees, customs fees or product seizures. We charge a flat rate fee of $49.00 (usd) for all orders
shipped outside the USA.  The actual shipping rates are usually more than the fee we charge, therefore, we do not
issue refunds or accept returns on orders shipped outside the USA. Orders take approximately 3 business days to
process (excluding Saturday and Sunday)  and will ship via USPS Priority Mail which has up to a 14 day delivery

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Please email me if you have another
special like this. These candles are
THE BEST!  Thanks.
Dear Marilyn,
Love your candles! My customers
really like the scented ones!
You have a customer forever in me.
Thanks for a great product

Hello Marilyn,
thanks for the fast shipment. They
work great. I have candled for years
and yours I must say are one of the
better ones. Keep up the good work

We received them this
morning!!!!  YOU ARE
Thank you so much.

We just moved here
from Virginia and I love
it here.  I will definitely
do business with you

In Christ's Name,
Dear Folks,

I love your ear candles.  They are really
a hearing saver.  My allergies make my
ears gunky, and the doctor could not
reach the wax that would clog my ears
very small canal, without many
treatments with some kind of oil and
washing or scooping it out.  I do have to
use two candles sometimes, but when I
do it regularly, my hearing is quickly
restored, and the pressure relieved
stops the pain immediately.  I don't have
residue in my ears at all.  Cannot
compare it to paraffin, because these
were the ones recommended by my
doctor (your ear candles) and found  
them easy to use, very effective, other
sites seemed to slam beeswax and soy
wax.  I use those waxes for skin care, so
it made sense to stay with them.
Paraffin seems harsh--except to seal
jams and jelly.  So I don't listen to the
hype from other sites.   Love your
product, and appreciate the low cost,
and prompt and courteous service.

Thanks, Bonnie
I have been candling for about 3 years
now. I understand completely about the
paraffin.  In fact, I have almost stopped
candling for the past year because I
haven't been able to find a good candle.
I know candling works. My sinuses are
so clogged now that I can't wait till my
next order comes. I've been exploring &
learning about more natural alternatives
to our modern day medicine. I've been
trying to get healthy & stay healthy the
natural way.

Thanks for your quick shipping & great

I received my ear candles yesterday,
and as soon as I got home from the
Horse races, I used them.

I had been suffering from Vertigo for
the last 8 months. Off and on, as it
tends to do. But whether I had the
vertigo or not, I had headaches and my
head just felt "full" of stuff.

After 2 candles in each ear, I feel 100%
better! Actually I had a headache when
I started, and afterwards there was no
pain, and the "full" feeling was gone! I
can already tell that I am waaayy better
than after what the "doctors" tried. They
only treated my symptoms, by giving
me dizziness pills and by taking
sudafed to help drain the sinus
cavities. These are a miracle and I
wish I had heard of them sooner.

Thank you for making these and
selling them so affordably. You are on
my list as a great person, and I will
never forget what you have done for
me. I literally cried once I realized how
much better I felt. Thank you so much, I
will be returning to buy more from you
in the future, and will reccommend you
to all my friends and families.

Thank you again for freeing me,
Dear Marilyn;

Thank you for the quick response to
our order.  We received the candles
this morning.  We have already used
one package and they work just

You can be sure that we will order

Thank you,

i love your ear
candles. .i feel so
much better. my family
as well. thats why i
ordered more..
THanks SO much..
you are a spirtual
savior... for the
healings.!!!  WILL

Adaline Hubbard
I actually got my order TODAY!  
Talk about service.  The candles
work great.  Thank you.  You have
a new client.

Nancy B
Hi Marilyn,

Thank you for the quick delivery
and the extra package of candles.  
My husband has been
complaining about something in
his ear, wasn't sure if it was wax
build up or what.  I used the
candles the first night I received
them on him.  The candle smoke
was so warm and soothing, he
went to sleep while I was candling
his ear.  I did two candles in both
ears and he said his ear is not
clogged anymore.  His balance is
back and he is feeling so much
better.  Again, thanks.  we will be
buying more candles from you in
the future.


Pam Z
Dear Marilyn,

Thank you so much for your information
and of course the ear candles!  I never
knew all the things I learned last night
about paraffin wax and such.  I was
definitly hustled by
[comment edited]. . .
.but, at least now I know the truth.  Oddly
enough, I am taking classes for my
Bachelor's Degree right now, and am
writing my Capstone paper on Alternative
and Complementary Therapies as an
addition to traditional Western Medicine.  
So, your information totally helped me to
validate many of my points.  

Thanks again,
Hi Fellow Ear Candle Junkies,
I am very pleased that I have received
my order for your candles so quickly
and I love them. Best candles I have
used. One of my clients needed
immediate ear candling and was
present when they were delivered.
Now that's service! With your
permission I am going to offer your
candles on my website, and of course
I'll be using them for my clients as well.

I had thought of doing a demo for
candling but your video will probably
make my own attempt look lame;
yours is very well done.  

I tried to locate and purchase the ear
oil on your site but was unable to
locate it; you do offer it for sell,yes? Do
you also offer the protective covers and
plates? For my family an aluminum pie
pan and towel works just fine, but for
clients it doesn't present a
professional image.

Sorry about such a lengthy email; I do
tend to talk alot. Thanks again for the
wonderful candles and service.  


I received my order, and I was very happy with
it. I have used another brand, it they did not
work as good as yours. I am glad that I tried
them. I will pass this website on to other

I love your ear candles.  This is my second
order, and will not be my last.  Everyone in my
candling.  I have some questions about the
stuff that comes out, and is left in the candle
after the candling session.  Do you have any
literature or can you direct me to finding
information.  For instance, I was told that the
yellow powder indicated that I had  yeast -- I
knew, and had even been told by at ENT that I
had yeast, however, the drops he gave me,
burned the inside of my ears and the skin
looked as if it had been washed with acid.  Of
course all the peeling skin fell into my ear
canal and caused even more problems.  I'd
like to become more knowledgeable about
the process and the results.  Can you point
me in the right direction?
See if you're a candidate for
Ear Candling!
Thank you for your superlative product
and your integrity. It's a thrill to
transact business with trustworthy,
honorable people. I salute you!

--Barbara S.
Thank you for such a
great product i recieved
my shipment within 3
days of ordering and the
candles work
wonderfully.  Thank you

Thanks so much! I am
definatley going to be
reordering - probably
tomorrow. I am just in awe
of how wonderful and
amazing these candles are.
I have told so many people
that they should use them!
Be Blessed!